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Business in Action!

Business in action is a program designed for entrepreneurs that will allow you the possibility of setting up and managing your business quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to our lawyers in corporate and labor law, we meet the needs of start-ups and existing businesses. We can assure you a good legal structure at a competitive and predictable cost.


In this first phase we offer:

  • Establishment and Organization
  • Hours of legal advice

Forward development!

This second part will allow you to meet the following needs:

  • Contract of employment or contract for services, as required
  • An employee manual and essential policies in the workplace
  • Hours of legal advice


It is important to keep the incorporation of your company up to date year after year, so we will offer you:

  • Preparation of annual resolutions
  • Declarations of dividends or bonuses
  • Updating corporate records
  • Safe storage of the book of minutes

In addition, our integrated approach allows the involvement of all the professionals needed for the smooth running of your file (accountant, tax advisor, financial planner, actuary, lawyer, insurance, etc.) so that you reach your business goals.

Finally, for the negotiation and drafting of contracts or agreements between shareholders, the compliance with the legislation in place, the taking or the realization of warranties, the acquisition or sale of assets, our professionals and our partners will accompany you throughout the process.

Obviously, as a business customer of CHABOT, you benefit from our approach to negotiation and mediation, as we believe it is important to maintain good business relationships and prevent conflict.