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Civil Law

In the case of a civil litigation, our attorneys can represent you at all court levels, for example, for hidden damages and warranty executions, as well as for mortgages recourses and areas of civil liability.

Whether for the drafting, execution or interpretation of contracts, the drafting of a formal notice (demand letter), the preparation of legal proceedings or for legal/litigation representation, we are available to take any action for you.

In particular, we can advise you in the following areas:

  • Hidden construction defects and vices;
  • Loan agreements, services, sale or rental contracts;
  • Civil liability;
  • Account payment claim;
  • Neighborhood annoyances;
  • Preparation of formal notices and legal proceedings;
  • Trader-consumer dispute;
  • Litigation concerning a succession or its execution;
  • Insurance litigation (liability, loss, etc.);
  • Landlord and tenant disputes (commercial lease or tenancy agreement).

If the Small Claims Court has jurisdiction to hear your claim, it will be a pleasure to assist you in preparing your case.