CHABOT mediators lawyers provides legal services in civil, family, corporate, business and labor law. We also offer family mediation services, workplace mediation, civil and commercial mediation.

Admitted to the Bar in 2000, Me Chabot began his career at the federal level, then moved to the international level, before returning to Quebec and starting his private practice in 2005. He worked solo, providing training, representation and organizational mediation.

In 2009, he became a certified mediator and started practicing family mediation from an office established in his own residence in La Prairie. At that time, he was already a mediator in the field of labor law.

He organized conferences on managing emotions in the workplace and helped staff resolve their conflicts.

In 2010, believing in the potential of the company and noticing the growing demand in this field, he decided to open an office in St-Basile-le-Grand by acquiring an ancestral house at 10 Montée Robert.

The humble beginnings of Me Chabot were now turning into a growing demand for professionals fostering the idea of conflict resolution through alternative methods to the courts.

In late 2010, Me Lévesque joined him to take over the contentious files of the firm. There are times when not everything can be solved with mediation!

In 2011, Mr. Chabot made a new acquisition: 1015 Chemin St-Jean in La Prairie. The office became officially operational in March 2012.

In the fall of 2012, considering his business experience, Me Chabot recruits Me Bruno-Pierre Allard, who wishes to develop the niche of labor law and organizational mediation. He wants to educate businesses about developing good management habits to avoid misunderstandings that degenerate and about adequately supervising the workers and employers.

Since then, CHABOT mediators lawyers put all efforts in accompanying you and, above all, in exploring with you the alternative resolution methods that enable finding the satisfactory resolution to your case, if possible.

In a perspective of constant renewal, new professionals will join the team in the upcoming months, in order to expand the areas covered by our services.