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Our team of lawyers and mediators is proud to present the different training courses and conferences we offer on a variety of subjects.

Some of our trainings are offered with our partners:

  • University of Montréal, Faculté d'éducation permanente
  • Association de médiation familiale du Québec (AMFQ)

Formation de base en médiation familiale (60 heures)

Ce cours de base (60 heures) s'adresse aux professionnels désirant pratiquer la médiation familiale. Le contenu du cours est en conformité avec les exigences du règlement sur la médiation familiale.

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Formation complémentaire en médiation familiale (45 heures)

Pré-requis: Cours de base en médiation familiale et accréditation avec engagement.

Ce cours complémentaire s'adresse aux professionnels désirant pratiquer la médiation familiale. Ce cours de 45 heures contient 30 heures de formation au niveau juridique et 15 heures concernant le processus de médiation.

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MEDIATION FAMILIALE - Formation complémentaire en médiation familiale (volet psycho-social 45 heures)

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MEDIATION CIVILE ET COMMERCIALE - Formation en médiation civile, commercial et travail

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Psychological Harrassment at Work

Understanding the issues related to psychological harassment and knowing the strategies to adopt on the ground.

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Effectiveness and our Emotions

This workshop lets you discover simply and effectively the emotivo-rational approach, in relation with management, that was developed by Eugene Houde for the last 30 years. Eugene Houde based his approach on Albert Ellis, an American psychologist and Peter Drucker, the father of modern management. 275$ +txs (including coffee-breaks, learning material and lunch)


A Constructive Approach to Conflict

There you go, it happened again! Something troubled you and you ended up angry and aggressive. A conflict emerged and the situation went out of control. You couldn't even think straight anymore. Why is that?

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Managing a Nonprofit Organization

You have recently been appointed as the manager of a nonprofit organization? You are part of a Board of Directors and you are wondering how to ameliorate the functioning of your organization? You supervise organizations whose managers could benefit from a little help in their daily management? This conference is for you!

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Managing the Disciplinary File of an Employee (in collaboration with JUD Services conseils)

You need tips and advice to properly document the facts that will lead to the imposition of disciplinary measures to an employee? In the format of a free lunchtime conference.


Conception d'un manuel des employés

De façon complémentaire au contrat d’emploi, le manuel des employés constitue l’élément de base des relations employeur-employé.  Formation en collaboration avec la Faculté de formation permanente de l'université de Montréal. Pour plus d'information, consultez ce PDF.


Mediation Process


Condominum Conference