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Business and Corporative Law

You have business dreams, we will help you make them real!

At CHABOT, we believe that businesspeople must be accompanied and supported in their goals. That is why you can enjoy a first meeting at no cost, to share and explore your business project with us.

We are there to guide you according to your needs. More specifically, you can count on us in the following situations: 


Starting a business is not a simple thing. At this stage, our objective is to find with you the best structure for your business depending on your business objectives and needs. It is why we favor discussions about your project in order to be able give you the best advice. 

Next, we will be able to accompany you in the legal constitution of your business, in the preparation and negotiation of diverse agreements, whether with partners, associates, shareholders or any other person.


Whether for a shareholders agreement, an employment contract, a service contract or an agreement with a supplier, just to name a few, we can advise you, negotiate and write for you the types of contracts you need. 


You need a specific license for your business and you were not aware of it? We can help you see clearly through the regulations and obtain the necessary licenses, as well as write and negotiate your license and diverse authorizations from third parties, to avoid any obstacles you might have encountered.


Upon request, we can prepare trainings and conferences to answer the questions you might have about business law.